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Thank you so much for being an expert on this event. I'm honored and thrilled to present your body of work through The Creative Soul Series.

Below you will find all of the promotional materials you need to share the event with your community. I appreciate your support and help in making this event as successful as we know it will be for everyone involved.

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Jennifer Currie, Your Host for The Creative Soul Series

Event Dates

May 21 - June 4
Promotional Period

June 5
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Date To Be Determined
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Lisa Estabrook

Carrie Schmitt

Cathy Nichols

Elizabeth Pfeiffer

Laura Horn

Louise Gale

Christina Cross

Suzi Banks Baum

Rebecca Campbell

Clara Wisner

Melissa Partridge

Aleya Dao

Tamara Laporte

Revital Carroll

Jessica Reid

Leslie Helpert

Sarah Marie Thompson

Jeralyn Glass

Narayani Gaia

Marya Stark

Laura C. George






















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Subject: Are you living your creative dreams?

Hi (First Name),

Do you want to unleash your creativity?

Do you want to use your soul gifts to make a life you have only dreamed of until now?

Do you want to leave creative blocks behind and thrive as an artist?

Here’s a little secret…

You have the power to LIVE your creative dreams and build a life that is in total alignment with your soul purpose.  Your creativity is more than a hobby - it’s a calling from your soul!

Would you like to learn how to tap into the power of your soul gifts and start living a creative and abundant life?

Here’s your chance! My friend, intuitive artist and soul coach, Jennifer Currie, interviewed myself and over 20 other empowered and successful creatives and healers, so that you can empower your own creative soul, commit to your creative vision and heal the blocks that have been holding you back.

The Creative Soul Series:  Unleash Your Soul Gifts, Heal Your Karma, and Thrive as an Artist
Hosted by Jennifer Currie

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This groundbreaking series will show you how to get past those common creative blocks and get into action to make your creative dreams happen!

This series is packed with energetic activations, oracle card-readings, creative inspiration and healing.  You’ll learn:

  • To use your creativity as a path to healing
  • Amazing energetic tools to clear energetic blocks around abundance, the inner critic, and fear of being seen
  • To get grounded in your body and utilize it as your greatest creative tool
  • To realize your own creative power
  • To make practical shifts in your lifestyle to make room for your creative visions
  • Realistic steps for transitioning into becoming a full-time artist
  • To free yourself from karmic patterns that aren’t serving you on your creative journey
  • The magical and abundant resources of nature as an artist’s best friend and muse -and how to access them in new ways.

Get access to this free event and start living YOUR CREATIVE DREAMS.


For a limited time, you can gain free access to this series so you can stop dreaming about what’s possible and start creating the vision in your heart and making it REAL.

You don’t want to miss this, so take action and start unleashing your creative soul gifts today.

See you there!

PS - This is a unique opportunity to get inside the minds of some of the most empowered and inspiring creatives, teachers and healers today. Sign up to get access to this free event right here. Take action today - this will only be available for a limited time!

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Do you want to unleash your creativity? Do you want to use your soul gifts to make a beautiful and satisfying life that feels truly abundant? Do you wish you could share your gifts with the world and get paid to do so?

I am excited to share my story, along with other empowered and inspiring creatives, healers and teachers, to help you get into action and get your creative gifts out of your head and out into the world.  Your creativity is more than a hobby - it’s part of your soul’s calling!

Join us for THE CREATIVE SOUL SERIES: Unleash Your Soul Gifts, Heal Your Karma and Become a Thriving Artist, hosted by my friend,  artist and soul coach, Jennifer Currie.

This series is packed with inspiration, healing, activations and tons of practical and spiritual knowledge to help you step into your creative power.

Click here to reserve your seat and learn how to stop dreaming and start living into that vision. <<<INSERT YOUR TRACKING LINK>>>

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Unleash Your Creative Gifts!   <<<INSERT YOUR TRACKING LINK>>>

My friend, Jennifer Currie, interviewed 21 experts to help creative souls tap into their genius, get into action and start thriving instead of struggling. The best part is it’s completely free!  <<<INSERT YOUR TRACKING LINK>>>


Are you ready to begin your journey to unleash your creativity?
Do you think it’s even possible?

I do, and I have joined my friend Jennifer on her online interview series, the Creative Soul Series, along with 20 other experts to discuss how to live your creative vision, get into action and get past the blocks that have been in your way. There is so much jam packed in these 45 minute videos to help empower your inner artist! Get FREE access here: <<<INSERT YOUR TRACKING LINK>>>


My friend Jennifer and I have joined forces to help people unleash their creative soul gifts in an online event called the Creative Soul Series. You’ll be inspired and learn strategies from over 20 experts, to help you move past your creative blocks and empower your creativity like never before. Get FREE access here: <<<INSERT YOUR TRACKING LINK>>>

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